Popularity Of Contemporary Realistic Fiction Books

contemporary realistic fiction books

Books are one of the best friends of a man. It can be based on any fiction, non-fiction, literature, fantasy, art and many different genera. Context can be written form and pictorial format. Different countries have their own tends and themes of books and literature, which vary according to the cultural, regional, social and historical aspects of an area. One most popular of books belonging to Japan are the Japanese fantasy books which is entirely focus on imagination, creativity and is fiction in approach. Such books are popular as these can relate to every aged individual while being extra favorites of kids and younger ones. However, in comparison to fantasy, one other kind of literature is quite importantly accessed by millions of readers all over the world which are the contemporary realistic fiction books. These books are fiction in frame accommodating real life incidents, accidents and events like historical past and biographies. Thus, such types of books involve both major fiction and non-fiction portions of books

Japanese fantasy books

Fantasies are one of the most preferred literatures as it is not tense and serious in context. These are easy to read, understand and help to evolve one’s imaginative powers. Therefore, Japanese fantasy books are among the favorites of book lovers. The main theme of Japanese fantasy books is heroism, evil and good, cartoons, love, tradition, history and slice of life. All these kinds are expressed in the best kind of way like in terms of language that indulges individuals in another parallel universe of fantasy.

Many of the Japanese fantasy books are also converted into video games to make them more appealing for the audiences. Such books are also given a special name referred as Isekai which literally means another world. Thus, such literature is written with idea to connect with reader in his creative ideas, apart from the stress of the real world.

Popular contemporary realistic fiction books

Realistic literature is often addressed in contemporary realistic fiction books which mainly attain ideas, theme and central core of the writing from real life. Some of the books are traditional, historical, crime and mystery based, regional and religion based. The most popular taste in contemporary realistic fiction books are the autobiographies and biographies. Many of these are tested down to effect the physical, mental and social health of readers which is quite beneficial for the personal and professional life of the individuals.

Contemporary realistic fiction books are also written by writers by their own experiences as well as according to their favored themes. Life incidents and routine activities based literature is another fiction aspect which is a major part of every library or book store because of high public demand.


Japanese fantasy books are the non-fiction and imaginary themed books that are found and published in Japan. However, contemporary realistic fiction books are the one with ideology resonating with real-life incidents and experiences either on a notable personality or an historical events of the past.